Are you pregnant and thinking about placing your child for adoption? It can feel overwhelming at the beginning. You might have a lot of questions. The right support system in the form of a trusted adoption agency near you is crucial throughout this process.

Here are three things you should think about as you start this journey.

Understand all About Their Services

Services offered by adoption agencies might be different. It will be mainly based on the location, staff, and size. You must first find out the services you feel will be essential for you in your adoption journey.

What kind of support are you looking for? Are you interested in counseling? What do you need after birth? These are the questions you might want to think about when you talk to an adoption agency. This will help you find the right adoption agency for your circumstances.

Discover More About Their Level of Experience

While choosing an adoption agency, make sure you work with a team with the knowledge and understanding to lead you through every step of the adoption journey. Has this agency been working with birth mothers? For how many years have they been helping women with unplanned pregnancy options? Do they have good reviews available? Have they worked with women who are in similar circumstances as yours?

It’s essential to work with an adoption agency that knows all the legal requirements, birth mother rights, and various factors that go into the adoption process. This will give you peace and confidence throughout the adoption process and help you know what to expect.

Choose an Adoption Agency That is Easy to Reach

Making an adoption plan for your baby can be emotional and you can have many questions. When and how do you need to choose an adoptive family? Do you need to tell the birth father? What will doctor appointments look like? Do you get help with living expenses? This is where you need the proper support and guidance with your questions. A responsive and easy-to-reach local adoptive agency can only be the perfect fit for you. As a birth mother, you will have a reliable point of contact to whom you can reach out when you have questions.

Adoption by Shepherd Care (ASC) has helped expectant mothers throughout Florida since 1980. It is currently the oldest Florida-based adoption agency. The birth mother needs someone to share her feelings with before planning her child’s future. You are not alone. We’re here to walk alongside you, listen to you, and guide you to navigate through the different options available. 

Why Choose Adoption by Shepherd Care over other Adoption agencies? 

Adoption by Shepherd Care is a birth-mother-centric adoption agency committed to helping pregnant birth mothers with their options. Our team of adoption experts, birth workers, and attorneys provide compassionate care even after the completion of the adoption process

We respect you and your decisions. Contacting us is confidential and in no way obligates you to choose adoption. We are ready to help you 24/7 and walk you through the journey of placing your child for adoption. 

Call: (954) 981-2060

Text: (754) 666-2973

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