Is there any adoption agency near me that can help my pregnant teenage daughter explore adoption as an option? We understand as a parent, you will experience feelings of shock, fear, and anger. You will not be sure how to best help your daughter navigate the road ahead.

Adoption is a positive choice for a birthmother as it gives her child a chance at life. It gives her a chance to move forward in her life and achieve her goals. She has the freedom to choose the best adoptive family. She can opt to have a relationship with her child.

When making an adoption plan for the baby, deciding which adoption agency to work with will be one of her most important decisions. It’s okay to take time and explore all the options. Although it’s easy to feel isolated and alone on this journey, she is not alone!

We are here to help !

If you are not sure where to look or what she may need during this time, Adoption by Shepherd Care would be happy to help connect her with these resources with no obligation or cost.

We are a faith-based agency offering adoption support to clients of all faith backgrounds. Our staff has a combined total of over 100 years of experience. We have the knowledge and understanding to lead you through every step of the adoption journey. We will never judge you and will treat you with respect. It is 100% free & confidential.

We will never make her feel uncomfortable and pressured but rather help her evaluate her options and serve as your guide through the adoption process. We are available to our clients 24/7 and are always ready to lend our support or answer your questions when you need us.

As a full-service, licensed adoption agency in Florida, we help with every stage of the adoption process. One of the most important decisions in adoption is choosing the right adoption agency. Contact Adoption by Shepherd Care today and get all the answers to queries related to an unplanned pregnancy.

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