When considering your unplanned pregnancy options, you might have a lot of adoption questions. It’s completely normal to want to know everything about the process, and every expectant mother should have access to the answers she needs to make the best decisions possible. Check out these five adoption questions below that every expectant mother should ask.

What is the difference between an open and closed adoption?

In an open adoption, both the birth mother and the adoptive parents will have options for communication. They can meet, talk on the phone, and remain in touch over the years. This type of adoption can look different depending on each person’s preferences and the location of both parties.

In a closed adoption, there will be no communication between the birth mom and the adoptive parents. Some birth mothers feel more comfortable with this option because they aren’t sure how they would want to be in the child’s life in the future. It creates a clear boundary, which some birth mothers prefer.

A semi-open adoption means that there will be some communication between the adoptive family and the birth mom. The different types and frequency of the communication can be decided upon beforehand. This communication will be limited, and it is a middle ground between the open and closed adoption options.

Does it cost anything for me to place my child?

No, there is no cost to the birth mother when she is placing a child for adoption. It’s important that the birth mother receives the support and care she needs throughout the entire adoption process.

Are there adoption resources that can help me?

Yes! There are so many different resources available. We call this expectant mother assistance. Women who make an adoption plan can receive financial support, transportation services, counseling support, and a lot more. If you have specific concerns or needs, it’s important to bring those to your adoption agency so that they can look into options for you.

Do I choose the adoptive family? 

Yes, the birth mother can choose the adoptive family. Many birth mothers have very specific values and considerations when it comes to the family that their unborn child will be placed in. Some prefer the child to be in a larger family while other birth moms would like the child to be a part of a smaller sized family. It’s important to think about your values as you start the adoption process. However, no matter your preferences, our team is here to assist you in finding adoptive families that match your values. 

What about the birth father?

Some women aren’t sure how the birth father should be told this information. Many birth mothers don’t feel safe telling the birth father that they are pregnant. If this is a feeling you are experiencing, our team is available to give you advice and support as you navigate through that conversation. It’s important to work with a professional agency who understands the legal aspects of the state you live in. Every state varies in legal requirements when it comes to birth fathers, and an agency will help you walk through the process. 

Have more adoption questions? ASC is here to help you.

If you’re considering placing a baby for adoption or simply have more questions about making an adoption plan, our care team would be happy to answer any of your concerns. We have been supporting birth mothers for a long time, and we know that every situation is unique. You can call us at (954) 981-2060 to chat with one of our care team members about your current circumstances.

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