I am pregnant and not ready to take care of the child. Having a child at this moment was not in my plan! Are there any abortion alternatives available for me? If yes, who can guide me in choosing the best alternative to abortion?

Adoption by Shepherd Care (ASC) is ready to guide you in this challenging situation. Our experienced and licensed adoption professionals will discuss each abortion alternatives with you. This will help you select the best one for your child.

What are the Abortion Alternatives a Birth Mother can Choose?

Each abortion alternative, parenting or adoption, has its own choices. These abortion alternatives are discussed below:

Raising your Child as a Single Parent

Single parenting has become a common alternative to abortion. However, caring for a child without getting help from near and dear ones seems financially and emotionally challenging for birth mothers. There are many resources available online to help a single parent.

Placing with a Friend or Family Members

This may appear to be a good abortion alternative. However, you need to make sure the family or person chosen to take care of your child has the same belief and outlook as yours. Otherwise, this decision can create a conflict between you and the adoptive parents or family of your choice.

Placing the Baby in the Foster Care System

The foster care system is overloaded as parents put their children in the foster care system before making the final decisions. This foster care placement is not necessarily permanent. Foster families take care of the children like their own. In the meantime, the birth parents can make their decisions.

Putting your Child up for Adoption

A birth mother can consider putting her child up for adoption. Choosing adoption for the child is one of the best abortion alternatives. Connect with a private licensed adoption agency like Adoption by Shepherd Care to know more about the adoption process. The birth mother counselor will walk you through the process.

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