If you’re pregnant and searching for abortion alternatives, it can be confusing and time-consuming. An unplanned pregnancy can bring a lot of emotions, questions, and fears. It’s not an easy situation to walk through, and it’s essential to have support as you process this information and consider your options.

As a birth mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you are left with three choices-

·       The first one is abortion,

·       The second one is parenting the child on your own,

·       The third one is placing your child for adoption.

What are the Abortion Alternatives that are Good for Mother and Child?

Raise the Child

Being a single mother can be demanding, especially if the pregnancy is unplanned. It takes a lot of time to make the ultimate decision. Expectant mothers need to think about their finances, living situation, etc. Most importantly, they must be certain about parenting the child and taking all the responsibilities independently.

Place your Child up for Adoption

An expectant mother can always think about placing her child up for adoption. Adoption is one of the most selfless decisions a woman can make for her child. Contact a Florida-based licensed adoption agency like Adoption by Shepherd Care to start with the adoption process. . Contacting us is confidential and in no way obligates you to choose adoption.

Whether you are ready to take the next step in your adoption decision or just want to learn more about choosing adoption for your baby in Florida, our team is always available to further discuss the benefits of adoption. As a mother, you will have many questions about the adoption process, including:

●      How to choose an adoptive family?

●      Will I be able to receive medical and living expenses during the pregnancy?

●      How to create a customized adoption plan for my child?

●      Can I get counseling post-adoption as well?

●      Will I be able to get pictures of my child as they grow up?

Pregnant? Need Help for Adoption? Contact Us

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and thinking about adoption, you came to the right place – we are here to help you in every way we can. Adoption by Shepherd Care is the oldest Florida-based adoption agency assisting birth parents facing unplanned pregnancies.

It is normal to have fears, anxieties, and questions about this decision. Therefore, our team is available at any time, 24/7, to answer your questions, talk to you about adoption and let you know how our agency can help. We can help you find the best adoptive family for your baby.

Contact us today.

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