Are you pregnant and want to know about the child adoption services in Florida, or do you know anyone who needs more information about the same? You are in the right place! Placing your child for adoption can be an option if you have discovered an unplanned pregnancy and cannot raise the child alone.

Our caring adoption professionals from Adoption by Shepherd Care will discuss the adoption process with you. We can understand your feeling. You are never alone in this journey. We’ll be here for you to make this adoption journey a bit easier. Contacting us is free, confidential and never obligates you to choose adoption.

How does this Child Adoption Services in Florida work?

Contact An Adoption Agency in Florida

Once you decide to put your child up for adoption, the next thing you have to do is to choose a licensed adoption agency in Florida. Adoption by Shepherd Care (ACS) is the oldest Florida-based adoption organization that has been helping birth mothers and adoptive parents since 1980. Call or text us to discuss the adoption process.

Make an Adoption Plan

The team of experienced adoption counselors will help you navigate options and information. This way, you can make a concrete decision for yourself and your child. We will work with you to create a customized adoption plan for you. If needed, our team is here to financially and mentally support you.

When making an adoption plan for your baby, we are committed to providing our expectant parents with the highest quality service, including:

·   Financial support

·   Medical support

·   Housing

·   Counseling support and

·   Transportation

Choose an Adoptive Family

Finding out the best adoptive family for your child is a crucial decision. Remember, you are not finding an adoptive family for your baby but choosing their future. Our team of adoption counselors will assist you in placing your child with the right family. As a birth mother, you can meet them and visit their home if required before deciding on the hopeful adoptive parents.

Complete the Adoption Process

Now coming to the hospital plan, you’ll have the full right to create a personalized plan for your delivery as a birth mother. Giving birth and the post-delivery period are undoubtedly the most crucial phase of pregnancy. An adoption attorney and your counselor will prepare you for all the legal processes.

 Once it is done, we’ll work to create a post-adoption plan to empower you and move on in your life. Call us at (954) 981-2060 or drop a message at (754) 666- 2973 to learn more about Florida’s child adoption services with Adoption by Shepherd Care.

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