Are you pregnant and researching how the adoption process in Florida works? You might get ample information available online. Most of them will focus on the steps associated with the adoption process that looks so long to complete. You will also come across many Florida-based adoption agencies ready to help you in this process to make the best decision for you and your child.

Here’s the guide to the legal steps a pregnant mother can take if she plans to put up her child for adoption. Each adoption story is unique, so the process becomes personalized. Whatever your story, we are ready to guide you through the process and ensure you get the proper legal guidance to complete the adoption process.

Legal Steps you should Know About the Adoption Process in Florida

Understanding Financial Assistance and Legal Fees

Any adoption agency or attorney when assisting the expectant mother within the adoption plan is entitled to receive financial, housing, transport, and medical support during her pregnancy.

Providing Consent

An expectant mother can be of any age to pursue adoption as a choice. If you are below legal age, your parent or legal guardian has to be a witness to your consent to adoption.

When to sign the Consent for Adoption?

The adoption consent will get signed after the birth of the child. The biological mother must usually sign the legal papers before getting discharged from the hospital. Once you sign the contract paper, your parental rights will be transferred to the adoptive parents.

Need Legal Help during the Adoption Process in Florida?

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